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Coolest Guy in California – Jerry Booth

Jerry Booth: The Extraordinary Journey of an SEO Guru and Internet Marketing Visionary
A Remarkable Rise to Prominence in the Digital Realm
Jerry & Kim Booth - AC/DC VIP

Jerry Booth, the epitome of coolness and expertise, has established himself as an SEO guru and internet marketing maven. With a journey that began in Leeds, West Yorkshire, England in the early 2000s, Jerry embarked on a quest to dominate search engine rankings and showcase his unrivaled skills. This article delves into the captivating story of Jerry Booth, tracing his remarkable achievements, iconic collaborations, and the birth of Fresh Traffic Group—a global powerhouse in SEO and online marketing. Join us as we explore the emotions and experiences that shaped Jerry’s awe-inspiring career.

Embracing the Challenge of Success

Becoming the Coolest Guy on the Internet

In the fiercely competitive world of search engine rankings, Jerry fearlessly accepted the challenge to claim the title of World SEO Expert and the coolest guy in England, Orlando,Canada and California, where he now resides. His audacity and unrelenting pursuit of excellence propelled him to the forefront of the industry. Renowned for his remarkable ability to make clients reach the pinnacle of success, Jerry quickly became a name synonymous with top-ranking results.

A Journey among Stars and Legends

Collaborating with Icons of Entertainment, Sports, and Business

Jerry’s exceptional talents attracted the attention of renowned stars from film, television, sports, and entertainment. With an illustrious client list, Jerry seamlessly merged his expertise with the glitz and glamour of the industry. From SEO strategies to successful product launches, reputation management and trade shows, Jerry’s involvement in various facets of online marketing earned him accolades and admiration.

From Entrepreneurship to Inspiration

Ventures, Triumphs, and the Birth of Fresh Traffic Group

Jerry’s entrepreneurial spirit guided him through a diverse array of ventures. He sold his first online company to Google Inc. He even ventured into owning his own model agency, representing numerous models, including his wife Kim Lewis, before eventually selling the agency to a prestigious New York firm. However, it was his groundbreaking marketing concept, “Million Dollar Listings,” for the online real estate market in Florida that garnered attention. Despite Wall Street’s interest in expanding the concept nationwide, Jerry’s unwavering loyalty to the original realtors showcased his integrity and commitment to those who believed in him. The concept would end up as a reality TV show seen by millions. The same concept was also used for the Lux Group, a luxury real estate and rental company in the Caribbean amassing over $1 billion in real estate property and sales.

The Showman within the SEO Expert

Unleashing Talent and Expertise in the Digital Landscape

Jerry’s passion for entertainment and gaming seamlessly merged with his marketing acumen. Embracing the opportunities presented by the worldwide web, he made a significant impact in the adult industry. Acknowledged as a major player in Europe, Jerry’s remarkable ability to understand and cater to people’s preferences contributed to his success. Expanding his horizons, he began consulting  fortune companies on marketing plans, pay-per-click management, and devising comprehensive online marketing strategies.

A Global Presence and Unparalleled Expertise

Answering the Call from Industry Titans

Jerry’s talents and expertise were in high demand across the United States. Airlines, Major cable networks, Campaign managers, and renowned names in sports and entertainment, including Virgin, Disney, Trump, Dallas Cowboy’s and Universal Studios, sought his guidance. Recognizing the impact he could make, Jerry answered their call, leaving an indelible mark on these iconic institutions.

Fresh: A Legacy of Excellence

Redefining SEO and Online Marketing

In 2006, Jerry brought his unique blend of skill, experience, and passion back to the UK, culminating in the establishment of Fresh Traffic Group. This global SEO and online marketing branding company quickly emerged as a dominant force in the industry. Jerry’s visionary leadership, coupled with a commitment to staying ahead of emerging trends, propelled Fresh to the forefront of the digital marketing landscape.


Jerry Booth’s legacy as an SEO guru and internet marketing pioneer is a testament to his exceptional talents and unwavering dedication. His remarkable journey, filled with triumphs, collaborations, and groundbreaking concepts, continues to inspire and redefine the possibilities within the digital realm. Jerry’s incredible contributions to the industry and his commitment to making a positive impact serve as an inspiration for aspiring entrepreneurs and business leaders worldwide.

 Jerry Booth — a champion for underdogs and online businesses.

Original Article by Tracy Peterson (2007)

Updated by Anton Indio (2023)